About Us

Engage . Captivate . Entertain

The DJ Collective is a DJ Booking Agency based in Asia/Singapore

Some seek fame. Some crave fortune. Others still, frantically scramble to diversify across an ever-changing economic landscape. While these goals might identify the end result for some members of the ever-growing community, these goals are not ours.

Our family has been around for some time. Time enough to know, that many of the paths travelled today lead to compromise in both work ethic and quality of product. At The DJ Collective, we focus our attention towards a single point, our efforts magnified into a powerful result.  From decades of experience between our crew members, we have found that the only goal that really matters is a hand-crafted product forged with finesse. Diverse backgrounds amongst our team members promotes and encourages insightful solutions for the task at hand, allowing us to engage, captivate and entertain with our own unique touch, a quality that is so often is lost in translation.

As an ensemble of skilled crafters and composers, our team has but one destination on the horizon. For us, nothing comes between our delivery of quality entertainment and you. We may not share the ideals of some of our contemporaries. For us, our sights have been set solely on sophisticated production, custom-fit to your personal requirements.

We play the drums of a different beat.

We play, for you.


P.S: We are not a DJ Crew