“Jack of all trades, master of some.”

This is the description given to him by countless peers and clients after witnessing his extensive capabilities in action.

Haron Tay is best known as the one-man powerhouse, making him one of the most sought after talents today. At the age of 24, Haron has been invited to work hand-in-hand with leading agencies, companies and service providers across Asia such as Ministry of DJs, WAN Singapore, A2 Management, Modvlar International, The DJ Collective and more. Haron has been requested by agencies and production groups to provide integral support assistance for world-class artists such as Afrojack, Marnik, Dona Amelia, Flash Finger, Wolfpack, Quintino, R-Wan, Rave Republic, Bangkok Invaders, just to name a few.

An individual who firmly believes in collaboration over competition, the autodidact actively provides insight and guidance to a slew of companies, start-ups, artists and content creators such as Xustard, Ineffable Studio, The DJ Atelier, A Day 2 Remember, Shukrin Henris, Executive Productions, Kidd Royale, Iwasaka Miyuki, Shawnrick Hu and Deepmuziq (of Stories For Monsters) and many others, expanding their reach towards global audience. His diverse knowledge in various industries coupled with his specialisations in a number of fields allowed him to assess situations from many angles, coming up with creative solutions to a vast array of problems brought to his attention.

Aside from his daily affairs, he is also (known as HaronTe) an Open Format DJ, composer, music producer and curator with a Guinness World Record title as well as coming in as 1st runner up at Sentosa DJ Spin Off 2016, and have provided support for Carlton City, Don Don Donki, medical organizations and many other establishments around the world. His original works (as HaronTe) are released on Spotify, Tidal, Shazam, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon, and many other digital stores worldwide. He also launched and produced content for “The Interview” since late 2016, a monthly series on Mixcloud aimed at exploring a wide variety of genres, several episodes of which were ranked among the top 3 spots of Mixcloud’s Top 100 Charts.

His hobbies include dog sitting, using vending machines, exploring renewable energy options and self-sustainable living concepts, staring at the wall, and collecting promotion codes.


‘The Interview’ – Mix Series

#2 in Mixcloud Top 100 – Hardcore (October 2017)
#2 in Mixcloud Top 100 – Dubstep (March 2017)
#3 in Mixcloud Top 100 – Mashup (November 2016)



Other Works


Mashup #10

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