From self-made entrepreneur, freelance web developer, graphic designer, chef, DJ instructor, to technical specialist, Guinness World Record holder and music producer.

Since 2010, Haron Tay ventured into music production alongside talents such as Ianzy, Sober Bear, IMVN, LoProv, Feeq, Swave/Emercy, DJ Paranoid and others across the globe. Drawing from his extensive experience with technology, Haron channeled his knowledge of videography and animation to craft spectacular visual experiences, controlled by motion capture systems on custom-designed hardware. His unique skillset has allowed him the opportunity to work with some of Asia’s leading music studios and service providers such as Ministry of DJs, Executive Productions and Ineffable Studios.

Over his career as an aspiring Open Format DJ, Haron has crafted energetic, genre-challenging bootleg remixes, compilations and mashups featured on several established platforms such as DJ LeNerd’s Club Hits series, Rocking Good Records, GrooveVoodoo Global and Hard Ascension among others. In addition, Haron was invited to participate in the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest DJ Relay set by 133 DJs on the 9th of August 2014, performing at Mambo Beach Club’s Siloso Countdown.

In recent times, Haron launched and produced content for “The Interview”, a monthly series on Mixcloud aimed at exploring a variety of genres, several episodes of which were ranked among the top 3 of Mixcloud’s Top 100 Charts.

His hobbies include dog sitting, using vending machines, exploring renewable energy options and self-sustainable living concepts, staring at the wall, and adding cheese to his Double McSpicy.

‘The Interview’ – Mix Series

Past Works