TMO is an established individual with a number of notable achievements in numerous fields, and has performed in countless private venues, bars, as well as clubs — notably CANVAS, ALTIMATE, and Asia’s highest ranking club in 2017, ZOUK SINGAPORE. He has also taken part in competitions such as the ABCDJ Championship 2015, in which he was one of the few finalists, as well as Phuture DJ Battle 2017 as 1st Runner Up. Aside from his daily engagements in the night, TMO was invited to conduct a showcase demo for the PIONEER DJM S9 product launch in Singapore. Furthermore, he is also a featured artist (Turntablist) at Rocking Good Records— a Singapore-based record label founded by producers Redmoon, Wilson K, as well as DJ LeNERD. With a penchant for experimentation, he frequently collaborates with music producers and artists around the region. Despite having a fun and easy-going attitude, that does not deter him from taking his craft with a serious approach.

He believes that enjoying himself is just as important as taking the job seriously, striking balance between giving the audience what they want while playing his personal favourites. With the ability to improvise his styles of mixing on the fly, TMO’s blend of fresh and classic sounds justifies the concept of what it takes to become an Open Format curator, leaving audiences with a truly unforgettable experience.