BeatBreaker not only plays the music you want to hear in the club, he is often the one who creates the very mixes that get the crowd in a frenzy. Based out of New York City, BeatBreaker has established himself as one of the most in-demand DJs in the world – with club residencies all over the world, and celebrities that call upon him regularly. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of music, his high energy sets are what set him apart from all the other DJs. Lately he’s shared the stage and DJ’d for Paris Hilton, Desiigner, Tyga, and T-Pain. His music and edits are supported by some of the biggest DJS in the world – Tiesto, Diplo, Marshmello to name a few.

Virtually almost every DJ in the world has a BeatBreaker edit/remix in there music crates; you cannot step foot into a nightclub or turn on the radio without hearing the characteristics of the BeatBreaker sound.

Inspired by his early travels, BeatBreaker has developed the ability to adapt his sound to virtually any crowd put in front of him. From listening to top charts and adjusting his signature sounds when he travels all over the world, there is no denying why he’s held residencies in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Canada, and even Morocco. He’s made his household name explode into the international scene at a young age and has kept his name in demand, which is difficult to do today.

Aside from traveling the world on a consistent basis, BeatBreaker holds an impressive list of residencies across the US at the top venues in the country: TAO (Las Vegas), AURA (Houston), PRYSM (Chicago), and HAVEN (Atlantic City), as well as consistently performing in Asia and everywhere in between.

BeatBreaker’s music can be found on every platform from which DJs download their music today. His music is also supported by highly respected celebrity DJs such as Paris Hilton, Pauly D, and Brody Jenner.

He keeps his signature sound fresh and innovative by remixing and playing music from all genres. He has the ability to make any song better. BeatBreaker can be heard playing anything from trap, hip hop, and house, to even some Latin. Expect to join him on a journey around the world when he steps into the DJ booth.

BeatBreaker’s skill in the nightclub can be attributed to his method of picturing himself on the dance floor. He’s mastered stepping into any room and knowing exactly what the partygoers want to hear.

“No greater feeling than seeing the crowd enjoy themselves,” he says. “No matter where I travel to, it’s all about hard work and having fun…. Dreams don’t work unless you do.”