“ I’m EVO-K. I do the musics. “.

Currently the first and only Italian (assuming even European) female musician, music producer and deejay performing a one of a kind EDM live act.

EVO-K is born as a musician, first internationally playing and recording in studio for years as a

pure pop/rock bands’ singer and guitarist and afterwards, DJ-ing all over the world, meanwhile always working hard in studio to produce original songs and remixes.

This multi-talented and creative Artist fed up with the undoubtedly evident flatness and lack of originality of the international EDM scene in which the great majority is a copy (or even more a bad copy) of someone else, decides to “change the game” coming up with an EVO-lution that is now redefining what a DJ does.

Precursor of a real upgrade of the ‘DJ Set’ stereotype, EVO-K proposes a multidimensional live act:

singing, playing music instruments (drums, percussion, synthesizers and guitars) and

manipulating audio in real time directly from the stage, thus creating a whole new immersive experience.

Infectious blend of big beats, heavy synths, quirky bass driven sound excited with anthem vocals

is her unmistakable “EVO-K” trademark wall of sound, able to make every song played live unique!

“ In my small way, I am trying to do something really avant-garde, live mixing synthesizers and

drums of different songs, combining them with different vocals, music and guitars riffs ”

Taking advantage of technological advances, EVO-K shifted her orientation further in

the studio-meets-stage direction, developing a one-man portable tech set-up to accomplish it.

This allowed EVO-K to bring her own inspiration straight to audience, evolving dance music to the next level!

Acclaimed for her dynamic Live Acts, EVO-K transmits energy & emotions at the same time, ranging from various styles, sounds & musical contaminations while maintaining a line of absolute coherence, keeping up with the times.

Strong results came from the beginning with the official remix of “WALK THIS WAY” the greatest success of the Aerosmith, released inside an exclusive album with Afrojack, Tiësto and Blasterjaxx.

Shortly after, 3 original songs reach the TOP #10, TOP #8 and TOP #4 charts positions in the UK, France and Italy.

The entry into the MTV family happens thanks to the single “SOVIET”, proudly included in the “POP MANIA TOP WORLD HIT” release with the celebrities Avicii, R3hab and Pitbull.

Another surprising result with the single “Call Of Ancient Love”, part of a best-selling record release with the giants Hardwell, The Chainsmokers, Zedd, Maroon 5, OneRepublic, quickly climbing up to the TOP #15 iTunes charts.

In 2016 the two singles “OCEANS” and “PRIMITIVE” hit respectively the TOP #14 and TOP #20 charts’ positions in Beatport and are played by the famous American radio SiriusXM.

Soaring high in 2017 thanks to the release of “THE COOL”, taking place in the TOP #11 of Beatport and being featured on the American Billboard, the song hits the TOP #10 position in the Dance/Club charts peaking there for over 10 weeks !

EVO-K thus reaches the most significant placement in the international music charts cementing her

already solid reputation of respected worldwide FEMALE music producer.

For her original songs as well as for her remixes, in 2018 and 2019 EVO-K gets the official support and premiering by the best DJs in the world such as Steve Aoki, Don Diablo, Bingo Players, Martin Solveig, Quintino, Breathe Carolina, Markus Schulz, Joachim Garraud, Le Shuuk, Cuebrick, Richie Hawtin, Sebastian Ingrosso, releasing quality tracks on the biggest international labels:

Universal Music / Warner Music Group / Sony – Disco:wax.

EVO-K is something unique, sparkling, bold…

definitely something you have not experienced yet!