Up and coming talent Ezra Hazard, is one of the faces in the resurgence of Big Room in the Asian electronic dance music scene. Having only just entered the scene, the 22 year old Singaporean has already made incredible strides in his music, with his hard hitting tracks already becoming club staples in the Asian clubbing scene.

Ezra Hazard’s efforts in bringing back the glory days of Big Room has not gotten unnoticed, with his music receiving support from a multitude of established artists such as Knife Party and Maurice West. Inspired by the golden age of EDM from the previous decade, Ezra Hazard pushes forward a futuristic and energetic sound fused together with his roots in classic Big Room and Trance, creating a niche in the scene like no other.

With his growth surpassing all expectations, Ezra Hazard is swiftly becoming one of the household names in the Asian EDM scene, playing at established local clubs and festivals such as Zouk Singapore and Siloso Beach Party within a year since he first came onto the scene. Following his breakout year, he has also released collaborations with one of Asia’s biggest DJs, Rave Republic. He has also made a guest appearance at Ultra Singapore 2019 during Rave Republic’s set, premiering their first collaboration. The sky is really the limit for Ezra Hazard and it will be interesting to see how he will grow in the future.