HaronTe –

the versatile artist known for his vast array of roles from multi-genre DJ, VJ, multidisciplinary engineer, programmer, teacher, to music composer, graphic designer, 2D/3D content and asset creator, video producer and beyond – quietly stepped away from Singapore’s music scene, immersing himself in a journey of self-discovery and creative exploration on a global scale.

During his hiatus ever since the dawn of the COVID pandemic in April 2020, he found new avenues to channel his passion and expertise. As an independent DJ and music production teacher, HaronTe extended his influence worldwide, offering online DJ and music production classes on a Pay-What-You-Want basis to students in Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, the Netherlands, parts of Europe, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Japan. He continued to lend his voice to ad-hoc projects for esteemed clients like tech giant ASUS and transport disruptor Grab, and shared his extensive knowledge by assisting fellow music producers and studios with arrangements and mastering.

Beyond music, HaronTe acted as a trusted consultant for bar and entertainment venue owners, sharing industry insights as well as technical knowledge. Embracing the visual arts, he also crafted compelling video content and visuals, leaving an indelible mark on content creators, production houses, DJs and clients alike. HaronTe’s storied career since 2010 included working with over 40 genres of music to countless venues from cafes, clubs, lounges, to hotels and beyond, a Guinness World Record title holder in 2014, providing support for world-class artists such as Afrojack, Marnik, Quintino, Wolfpack, Rave Republic, Flash Finger, R-Wan, Lucky Lou, TRIPL, while also supporting regional acts in Asia, including Bangkok Invaders, Inquisitive, Dona Amelia, Eva T., Farah Farz, Jade Rasif, DJ Dash, and many more. His journey into the world has led him to work with leading agencies, hospitality groups, companies, and service providers across Asia and parts of U.S. and Europe – a testament to his enduring dedication and talent.

Throughout his odyssey, HaronTe’s humility and unwavering dedication cultivated enduring bonds with leading agencies, hospitality groups, companies, and service providers, making him a revered, genuine, and steadfast addition to any team on the planet.

Being a firm believer of collaboration over competition, HaronTe operates as an independent talent, and is not held on exclusive contractual terms to any agencies, or talent management companies.