Jaime Bensa, a Spanish DJ from Madrid, developed a passion for techno and tech house since a very young age. In 2018 he decided to share that passion with the people around him. When not performing, Jaime spends his time skateboarding and traveling, all accompanied with the music he loves. He likes to play funky and groovy tunes and hopes to connect with his audience as much as possible. He enjoys mixing, the audience, and most importantly, encouraging good energy within music lovers. He started performing in private parties and small events, but quickly moved on to bigger scenes. In 2019, Jaime performed in Icon, one of the finest clubs in Boston, where artists like Max Chapman and Marco Strous – already legends of tech house – have joyfully performed. He delivered for Province44, a quickly growing techno and tech house event’s organizer in Boston, that is currently expanding to London. As he enjoys traveling, Jaime will spend the spring and summer of 2020 in Singapore, ready to share his passion for electronic music.