Being brought up and believing in being a versatile yet competent Open Format DJ, Joel (JOERU) proved his abilities to deliver exhilaration whilst satisfying the ever changing dance floors’ music demands night after night. Despite being an Open Format DJ, Joel is recognised for his forte and passion in Electronic Dance Music, Bass Music, and Hard Dance Music. Being appointed by FISH WINTERS, the leader of 7 Colours Records, Joel is an event organiser, DJ, and artiste of the Hard Bass division. Recently, Joel also had the honour to be recruited by DJ CHRIS COLUMBUS to be an active member and DJ under G.O.D Asia. Two years into the DJ industry, having graduated from DJ Senter under the watchful eyes of Marquee Singapore resident DJ MASS, Joel has transformed from being a mere bedroom DJ with a humble beginning, into gracing the decks in numerous events and notable venues. In addition, Joel is currently holding a residency at one of the busiest bistro chains in Singapore, O’Bar Live House. He also makes regular guest acts as a duo alias (JOERU & KAEIZ) at Get Juiced and Wan Rooftop.