As an open-format DJ, Kong has always prioritized musicality and flow. He strongly believes in “feeling the crowd” ensuring maximum engagement at any point of time. With over 5 years of experience, he has developed a keen sense of musical depth, being able to throw down genres from 80s hits to 2000s pop rock, all the way to modern pop music. If there is one thing to expect at kong’s sets, you can be certain that he plays what the people wants. Kong has been able to showcase his abilities on major stages, being picked up by Martell’s NCF to open for Singapore’s biggest acts such as Shigga Shay, and also 2018 DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs Rave Republic in front of more than 3000 attendees. He has also worked with international brands such as Bvlgari in showcasing an 80s – 90s DJ set. attended by Asia’s top influencers. Refusing to be labelled as a “professional iPod controller”, Kong infuses turntablism into his DJ sets incorporating his style of creativity and originality in his music. He actively takes part in DJ competitions and is a finalist in the 2018 Sentosa Spin-Off Competition. Kong currently holds a residency at D’Underground Club where he regularly plays Hip-Hop and R&B.