Being only 29, Lefttool stands out to be one of the most influential music artists in Singapore. Raihan Shah, better known by his stage name Lefttool, is a Music Producer, Rapper, Songwriter and Mixing & Mastering Engineer hailing from Singapore. After scoring multiple hits on local radio stations, he received a joint digital distribution deal with Warner Music Malaysia. His medley of grippling narratives and melodic cadence are among the slew of reasons why he is a regional hit sensation. In 2016, Lefttool embarked on his Emcee journey with a residency at Bang Bang Singapore, one of Asia’s biggest and hottest clubs. Later that same year, Lefttool’s Batman V Superman (Superman) promo, landed him a brand partnership deal with DC Super Heroes Cafe, representing the Superman brand. With his growing success, Lefttool set-up his own events & entertainment venture, Project X Entertainment Pte Ltd. Since then, Lefttool has become an in-demand music producer & rap artist, adding names such as Sleeq, Richard Jensen, Akeem Jahat, Flight School (formerly produced for Bad Boy Records) and many others to his portfolio. Despite his immense success, Lefttool continues to remain humble and firm in his unwillingness to compromise truth, hope and justice, or simply just the essence of who he is.