Built on the foundation of the underground dance scene in London from the early 90s, Sam Play has an eclectic and unique sound. Playing at underground house parties and music festivals globally building a keen ear for; soulful, melodic big bass electronica. In the 2000 he was associated with Emcee records running a very successful event called Suburban Legends (London) alongside now world known DJ and Musician Ben Westbeech/Breach. Some of his biggest inspirations in electronica music are; Breach, High Contrast, Andy C, Mousse T, Claptone,Fat Boy Slim,SBTRKT, Honey Djjon, David Penn to name a few.

Venues played (LONDON, SINGAPORE, JAPAN, BALI): o Ce La Vi (SG) – Marina Bay Sands Singapore Sky Bar – House, Funky house,

Soulful house, afro house, Tech house o Kilo Lounge (SG) – Presented by collective Minds; House, Bass o Don Ho (SG) – House, Funky house, Soulful house, afro house, Tech house o Altimate(SG)– House & Tech house o The Monarchy (SG) – exclusive cocktail bar and club playing; Afro house,

soulful house, UK garage and deep house, tech house o Soko – UK Garage, Bass and house (Altimate club, Chimi’s – 1 Boulevard) o Kampong Boogie (SG) – (Resident DJ) roof top parties playing open format o Lion Bass City (SG) – UK garage, 2Step, liquid soulful drum & bass o Avalon (SG) – House, 2Step, Bass o Pangaea (SG) – House, Bass o Freddies (NISEKO) – House, Bass

Sam works along side many artists and with various MCs, percussionist and bongo players.