MC Silas began his journey into the nightlife scene in 2016 by joining the Interest Group, from Republic Polytechnic, known as Electronic Music Production (EMP). Although he was taught DJing initially, MC Silas found his forte when he first spoke on the microphone. MC Silas then proceeded to be the hype man for various events organised by EMP. Fast forward to now, MC Silas has done and dusted various events both in clubs and private parties. Recently after being scouted and recruited by the Plus 65 Collective, MC Silas is more involved in the nightlife scene and is hungry for more successes in said scene. Performances in Singapore Republic Polytechnic Ignite Music Festival Get Juiced Suite26 Ratio Ultra Lounge Canvas Nightclub Deutcshlander/Club Funke Project Pump Hop Head’s (After-party)