Swave Emercy, also known as the one half of ParaMercy, has rocked countless dancefloors since 2010. Now labelled as a DJ and producer specializing in Hard Dance music under the label E4Records, He aims to hone his productions and bring the hard scene to his homeland by means of being the best hard dance artist in his own way.

Discovering his passion for the sonic arts since his youth, his musical endeavors started when he fronted a band as its lead guitarist, before deciding to trade Rock n Roll for Electronic tunes after realizing it’s similarities; the intense energy that comes from both, a glimpse of the his dream and the musical possibilities he could create.

Rigorously guided by leading Singaporean DJs and perfecting his craft under the watchful eye of an outstanding mentor and critic, DJ KoFlow, Swave Emercy isn’t just standing in front of the crowd to impress, he is here to make a change in the electronic dance music scene through his performances and show the crowd the value of hard dance music out of all electronic dance music, where unity is promoted among hard heads and where energy is promoted among the melodies and kicks that could energize up even the dullest soul.

Having played and at various clubs all over the world and never failing to control the crowd with his tunes, he is definitely the headliner you are looking for to showcase and let everyone know what the term “Party Hard“ truly means.


  • Guinness World Records @ Marina Barrage
  • Pioneer Pro DJ Competition
  • Sentosa Spinoff DJ Battle 2015
  • HardSounds Nation 2 – 10
  • Connexion 1 – 4
  • HardSounds Nation x DefDistortion Japan @ R Lounge
  • AnotherWorld AfterParty 2017
  • Modvlar Events Plur Vibration
  • BAD IDEAS ONLY. BassNight
  • Afterdark Singapore Max Enforcer


  • Neverland @ Orchard Plaza
  • Club Gossip @ St James
  • CJ’s Bar @ Sentosa
  • 3 Crowns Bar @ Holland Village
  • Club 83 @ Club St
  • Lava @ Chjimes
  • Avatar @ Marina Madarin
  • Mansion @ Esplanade
  • Azzura @ Sentosa
  • Pangaea @ MBS
  • ION @ Balmoral Plaza
  • ICON 2 @ Parklane
  • Peidra Negra @ Haji Lane
  • R Lounge @ Shibuya