Creative, refreshing and exciting, DJ TANZO is one of the freshest faces on the music scene.

Meticulously trained by DJ toMU from ShowNing DJ LAB <>, his creativity brings about a refreshing way of mixing up the music, giving listeners a new take on their favourite tracks. His enthusiasm, combined with an endless supply of energy never fails to rock the crowd as they groove to his selection of heart-pumping beats.

Ranging from EDM, Trap, R&B, Hip Hop, Top 40s etc, these genres are all fair game to him as he never fails to impress with his musical ingenuity.

His talent has already been recognised online, as the first mixtape he released on Mixcloud reached the top 100s in both the Trap and Electro House Charts. Having had the experience of playing in a wide array of venues such as house parties, school events, bars and clubs, his versatility as an open format DJ makes him a reliable source of a great time for any event.

In addition to his versatility, TANZO’s showmanship on the decks never fails to entertain the crowd. His aggressive mixing style, paired with top-notch music selection will keep the audience begging for more.