Vellatrix began as a young musician, who had an immense passion in playing the violin and piano. As her love for the art form grew, she decided to take a step further into the music industry by becoming a DJ. Her DJ gigs includes corporate events, dance clubs, lounges, and music festivals. Vellatrix excels in being an Open Format DJ. She is known for her pumping Hip Hop/ RnB sets along with her heavy busting Electro, Bass and dance music. Her versatile playing style has also made her a popular choice for various corporate and luxury brand events. She has also performed for events such Venues: Wan Club, Baccarat, Suite26, Pangaea MBS, Attica, Mansion (High Society), Mansion Bay, Tanjong Beach Club, Zouk, Capital, Azzura, Vice Club, F Club, DREAM, Playhouse, Fenix Room, Chameleon, Zafferano, Show Club (Johor), Midnight Club (Malaysia), Dope Club (Indonesia), 18TC (Taiwan)

Her clients include, Sephora, Lamborghini (Eurosports Global) , M.A.C Cosmetics, Fashion TV and Adidas.