Gainzter started his DJing journey 3 years ago in SPDJ where he picked up the art of DJing under the guidance of former DMC world champion, DJ Rattle. He soon developed a passion for music and began plying his skills in events, such as YMAC, BGM and various school rave nights. Gainzter eventually began spinning for establishments such as AVRY, Empire and Level Up and has performed in multiple events under them, notably the F1 Weekend and Halloween events. In Gainzter’s first ever competitive showing, he attained a semi-finalist placing in Sentosa’s DJ Spin Off.

​Gainzter is an Open Format DJ who infuses turntablism in his sets while weaving through different genres. He is a versatile DJ who is proficient in mixing various genres of music, namely Top 40’s, 2000s Pop, Twerk, EDM and Moombahton. He is excellent at reading the crowd and his live sets are a testament to that. Gainzter loves making people dance as he believes that music is what unites all of us together.