With years experience in the market, Raymond has proved to be one of Singapore’s finest dj who is tailored for the entertainment industry where experience with the Disco and Pub entertainment that is vital to the success of the Club. His dj gigs often leave Everyone Dancing and music has always been the key.  With Raymond on Set, it’s a sound investment as well as a party Music maker with his Choice Of songs that you have never seen in any Pub Or disco.  The choice is yours! 

Raymond is sure to entertain the audience with his Selections of Music and his combination of Styles R & B Retro and Top40’s.  With Raymond as your Dj, you can be assured that the night will never run out of steam.


Tornado Hotel Phoenix 1992 to1994

This Was One of My First club that I have work in that is pack everyday .it was the place where I make my name .And the music that I was playing Top 40’s at that time was huge in Singapore .there was neither techno nor house Music at that point of time. I truly enjoy every moment of it.

Sparks Nee Ann city 1994 to1996 

Sparks was a well known place during this period of time where lots of party goers would hang out and it was also the biggest and most fun place to be.  This was the place where I took my career to the top of the hill working with top bands like energy.

The Jump 1997 to 1998

This was the place where my music really shines. I took over the resident dj chadrick yeo as he has to work in another club. I had so much fun as it was also one of the hottest clubs in town enjoy every bit of it play almost anything on the music part as it was a full disco at that time and Left the place when Simon foo productions took over.

 Mold Sultan Rd 1999 to 2006

Most Of My recent Time I have dj in lots of places at this road from clubs like madam wongs ,eastside ,Wong san ,next page , newsroom bar and samsara pub . a road that has been the biggest talk in town where everyone has a pie on it many disco pubs come and go from this place.

And also places like indochine club st every Friday playing top 40’s house